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Molton Brown EU   Bushukan Body Wash
Molton Brown EU   Bushukan Body Wash

Bushukan Body Wash

22,00 €

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  • Bushukan Bath & Shower Gel


      A refreshing, indulgent bath and shower gel blended with antioxidant-rich Thai bushukan fruit extract.

      The fragrance
      Top note: citrus bushukan.
      Heart note: black pepper.
      Base note: tolu absolute.


      London via Thailand
      Orange robes. A day met with a smile. Eyes opening to morning sun.

      Zingy. Classic. Clean.

      Fragrance family: CITRUS


      Why you'll love it
      Perk up your shower routine with peel, pith and pip as this citrusy shower gel lathers up into a lively foam for a seriously refreshing wash.

      Best for
      Your early morning wake-up call in a bottle.


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    Product code: KBT027

    Size: 300ml


    Bushukan Body Wash 4.7 5 73 73
    What I always have around I love this stuff. It may be psychological, but did you take out some of the citrus smell when you changed the name? If so, please put it back. Add a few more bubbles and I give this body wash five stars. Makes my bathroom smell wonderful long after the bath is finished. December 17, 2013
    One of the best It's the third time I buy it and I can't imagine not having it ! July 23, 2012
    Gone in sixty seconds. What a frustrating product - great smell in the shower, then once you towel off afterwards, it's gone. The same fate befell my previous favorite, Suma Ginseng. The chemists at Molton Brown should take a look at this problem with their body washes. We don't just want to smell good in the shower, but after it, as well. January 12, 2017
    Definitely Not for Me I'm not sure what the big deal is about these body washes. The smell I admit is great in the shower. However, it really doesn't stay on the body for long at all. The lather is better than your average Axe or Old Spice but for this large price point I DON'T THINK THIS IS WORTH IT. I'd recommend other brands (like Axe or Old Spice) to get the job done. This body wash in my honest opinion is simply not worth it. December 13, 2016
    Bushukan bliss Quality product and what a smell. Definitely a fragrance for the boys that the girls will love. Simple try it , you won't go wrong July 3, 2016
    Second best I originally started using Molton Brown products because I thought the fragrance of Bushukan Citrus was one of the best I had ever come across, but then after I got used to having a product that I was really pleased with, and which consistency I depended on, everything changed. The body wash became plain Bushukan, and the fresh Bushukan Citrus Splash became Bushukan eau de toilette. And yes, there IS a difference in fragrance. To say that I am disappointed is a massive understatement. I still use these products, but I don't know for how much longer. I consider Molton Brown products to be amongst the best in the world, but I now consider the ones that I am using to be " second best " but the best is no longer available. May 10, 2016
    Boom! Excellent morning fragrance to wash and wake the senses Had never given Bushukan a second thought until I purchased a duo body wash pack, primarily to try the other fragrance. 4 months on I don't even remember what that other fragrance was, but Bushukan has left a lasting impression and I'm completely enamoured with it. The fragrance is difficult to describe in detail. Certainly a warm, fresh scent which fills the bathroom and lasts in the air for a long time. It's a good unisex smell in my opinion and the yellow colour compliments the gender ambiguity. I'm completely converted and will be buying it on repeat. April 21, 2016
    Amazing! I have overlooked this scent for a long time because I like clean smells over fruity. I received a sample in my last order and purchased immediately. I am obsessed. Please make this into a lotion, as a guy my only option is black pepper. April 17, 2016
    Sheer luxury First bottle of Bushukan but certainly not the last. Wonderful scent and really refreshing. April 11, 2016
    must have body wash A new discovery of the product used in a hotel in DC April 7, 2016
    Love the fragrance - fresh and zingy I love this product, it's beautifully light and fresh with a zingy, slightly spicy citrus kick. This is my go-to body wash when I need to wake up of a morning. I would say that it is possibly teetering on the side of a more masculine scent, but I still love it as it's so refreshing and smells fab. And frankly I haven't been mistaken for a man so far so will continue to use it regularly! January 15, 2016
    Love our Bushukan! Love the fragrance! The wash is gentle yet thorough. Thanks Molton Brown! December 10, 2015
    My favourite molten Brown shower gel. A luxury shower gel which reminds me of far away places.Beach and sunshine. November 29, 2015
    Bushukan body wash Amazing smell, but why is there no body moisturiser? I had the mini body washes and bushukan was my absolute favourite fragrance, so I thought I would treat myself to the whole set, but I was disappointed there was only the body wash and fragrance AND its for him - I am a her and am using it daily, so come on Molton Brown give us a full set of this - I know loads of boys who use body moisturiser too! November 27, 2015
    ideal daily body wash the ideal body wash to refresh your sences back to life are a good night sleep November 5, 2015
    Nice smell but doesn't last The citrus and the tolu absolute make up for a very grand fragrance but I was not impressed with the the longevity of the scent. It was basically gone after 30 minutes. It also did not lather that well but perhaps that may be due to the reformulation that avoided harsh detergents. This leans more toward the masculine side of scents. October 24, 2015
    Favourite MB product but hard to find in stock!!! Have been a devotee of this product for ages - when it was launched under different name. Still absolutely love the spicy zingy fragrance. Just sublime! October 19, 2015
    Tried at top London hotel, hooked immediately! I tried the Molton Brown while staying at the Hotel international in London. After trying I snagged as many of the products could (mea culpa!) take with me, but when they ran out I have to find a new connection! September 5, 2015
    Best body Wash This body Wash is a must it smell nice and make the body smell nice to highly recommend this to anyone. August 18, 2015
    Great stuff! After reading the reviews I decided to try this one and I was very surprised how good it was. The smell is kinda spicy musky orange and after drying off the feel of my skin is fantastic! The scent lasts a long time (not quite all day). Suds are great too unlike some of their other kinds. August 4, 2015
    Read this if you enjoy a citrus wake-up Milton Browns Bushukan Body Wash is probably the best citrus shower gel available if you enjoy a zingy and zesty wake-up shipper? I am addicted to the fragrance and look forward to every shower because I know that I shall be thoroughly refreshed! June 19, 2015
    Don't dismiss this as "just another lemon body wash" This is sublime! Citrus is the key word here - just because it's bright yellow, it doesn't mean it has that singularly "lemon" fragrance. It's much more complex than that. The tang gets you first, and if used first thing in the morning, it will awaken your senses. Then, as you use it, it absolutely envelops you with what I can only describe as "sexy man smell". It's traditional, mature and incredibly sophisticated. And I think you need to be all these things to truly get it! When you walk down the street after having used this, the fragrance wafts into your nose when the wind blows your way, and you can't help but think "wow", I get it. Amazing. Use first thing in a morning, especially on a Spring or Summer's day. It makes me feel so happy. April 10, 2015
    Top notch all round Love it! It was a present and they love it! Thanks! January 1, 2015
    Another Great Body Wash As with all MB body washes this has a nice texture and is kind to your skin. I find it very refreshing used in the shower with its pleasant citrus fragrance. If you like Orange and Bergamot body wash then you'll probably like this one too. October 20, 2014
    Fabulously fresh Bought this for my husband...it is left in the shower so I have tried it myself. Crisp, fresh, invigorating - a must have! July 17, 2014
    Bushukan Absolutely love this fragrance - my favorite from your range - however can't wait to try the new lime scented one - think it will remind me of sipping mojitos on sunny beaches May 29, 2014
    Old favourite Love love love this product does exactly what it's supposed to and more.Think this is supposed to be a male fragrance but to be honest my husband and myself use it.Just love the lingering aftermath in the bathroom after using this in the bath! Love the Cedrus Body Oil to help me sleep but have discovered it also strengthens nails and makes them grow!!! March 25, 2014
    They changed the formula - now it's half the product! I love the predecessor to this product (Fresh Bushukan Citrus body wash) and have bought that one for years. I was shocked that with this new product it has effectively been watered down. Everything I loved about the product has gone. It’s now a lot thinner, less scent and doesn’t linger long on the skin. Please, please return this to its old formula MB!! I won’t buy another one of this new type; it’s nothing in comparison to the old one. Such a shame. January 4, 2014
    Morning Glory Wonderful bright and crisp smell to wake up to every morning... always look forward to my showers. As always, Molton Brown has created yet again, another unique scent. November 22, 2013
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