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Molton Brown EU   Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash
Molton Brown EU   Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash

Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash

22,00 €

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  • Sandalwood & Coconut Bath & Shower Gel


      A luxurious bath and shower gel blended with the comforting aromas of creamy coconut fruit, jasmine and sandalwood.

      The fragrance
      Top note: coconut.
      Heart note: jasmine.
      Base note: sandalwood.
      Extract: coconut fruit.

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      London via the Philippines
      The milky white of freshly cut coconut. Honey dipped from spoon to lip. Gandag drum heard along the shore. Close your eyes and head to the islands.

      Flawless. Gentle. Comforting.

      Fragrance family: FLORIENTAL


      Why you’ll love it
      Inspired by an idyllic morning on a Filipino beach, it will turn your cleansing routine into a serene spa-like experience.

      Best for
      Blended with Filipino coconut fruit extract and moisture-locking honey-derived complex, this blissful bath and shower gel helps restore tired skin.


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    Product code: KBT047

    Size: 300ml


    Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash 2.6 5 35 35
    I disagree with most of these reviews! I have not tried the old version of this, so cannot compare it or the alleged difference. Based on using the new product, I really like it. I do not find it cheap or without the scent of sandalwood, quite the opposite. There is a nice balance between coconut and sandalwood. In fact, I tend to steer clear of coconut smelling products, but find this really nice as the sandalwood comes through. I seem to be in the minority with liking this 'version' but I would suggest giving it a go if you are willing to try something new and are not stuck in the past! July 3, 2016
    Smells cheap A real miss from MB. I'm generally coming to the conclusion that all of the "new formulations" represent a significant reduction in quality. The fragrance is a cheap simple coconut with no discernible sandalwood. Very disappointing. May 6, 2016
    Most amazing smell of any body wash out there!!! Addicted and obsessed! LOVE this stuff!!! Please never change it! Most amazing smell of any body wash out there!!! Addicted and obsessed! April 18, 2016
    Just Perfect This is the most refined shower gel of all the MB line. It is not the Coco de Mer. It's more balanced, more modern, I love it's relaxing scent. Just perfect ! August 24, 2015
    My new MB favourite I have grown up with MB products but this is defiantly for me. It's a great balance that has an edge of masculinity but beautiful aroma. I have the wash, lotion and hand cream all of which are fab. June 25, 2015
    PLEASE bring back the original Coco de Mer I love MB products and most of the re-launches have been fine (Naran Ji is now Japanese Orange but still smells the same, etc.) but this product is totally different. This product was always my absolute favourite, it is absolute heaven on sunburn! Please bring the original back :( April 7, 2015
    a Bachelor's must-have in the Salle de Bain Absolutely my favorite scent..i get asked about it almost everyday. Especially by women, definitely a "baja panty" product lol..to all my young bachelors out there, there's nothing more alluring to women then coming out of the shower smelling like a man (sandlewood) while also having that hint of floral undertones (Jasmine & Coconut). It almost always leads to running late and another shower lol. January 9, 2015
    Bring back Coco de Mer This is such a huge disappointment in comparison to the classic Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer. The original had class and a beautiful fragrance. This is weak and smells cheap. Please bring back the quality product that it used to be. January 5, 2015
    Fantastic Love this scent, love the sandalwood and mix of tones. My favourite. December 29, 2014
    California in the 70s This scent is like a trip to California in the 70s. The hint of sandalwood and slight scent of suntan lotion is a delight. Great for summertime! December 24, 2014
    A Hard Act To Follow Without a doubt, this is my favorite product in the shower. The fragrance is so calming that when I get in the shower with it and start applying it, I feel more centered. I know of no other fragrance able to do this! December 24, 2014
    Disappointment in change of fragrance Please bring back cocoa de mer. The replacement is bland and does not feel like a Molton Brown product. I thought the product was faulty until I received a sample and this was also bland. November 18, 2014
    Just Bliss ! Look forward to jumping into the shower after a tough day at work and being transported to a tropical island with this yummy body wash. Just what's required to relax and unwind. Lovely soft coco-fruity fragrance, creamy texture once lathered; a real every-day indulgence. Love it. November 5, 2014
    A Big Surprise I wasn't quite sure I liked the smell initially as I was used to the old Coco de mer. However, there is something soothing about this product and I just love it. August 22, 2014
    My new favourite I was not expecting to fall in love with another body wash, having used heavenly gingerlilly and ylang ylang for the last years, but this new scent has won me over. I was given a gift of MB hand creams including the new coco and sandalwood scent and became so addicted to it that I had to get the body was and lotion too. The scent is very relaxing and last for hours after a bath. It keeps the skin moist and has lasted me for ages (as with other MB products). One of the most beautiful scents, well done Molton Brown! June 20, 2014
    I love molton brown but adore this one I've been a fan of molton brown for years but this is definitely going into the shopping basket on a regular basis in the future. Love the smell.... Divine May 29, 2014
    Same as for most of the new fragrances.... just too much, too bold, not stylish anymore, The old version of CocoDe Mer was the perfect thing: Subtle, energizing but soft, just a great product. I don't get why Motlon Brown has chosen to get rid of it and replace it (and others) with something that smells cheap and like from the discounter. Amazing, don't they smell at their own product anymore? May 29, 2014
    It's taken a while but it's won me over! This has been having a bit of a hard time and I will be the first to admit that when I first tried it, I was shocked - "what has happened to Coco de Mer......?" Whilst I'd like to think that Coco de Mer is merely having a 'rest', I tried a few sample sizes of this, it's new cousin. At first I hated it and just could not get past the sweet smell but over time I have warmed to it and feel it works better in the bath where the lingering scent is pleasant and is basically summer in a bottle. I have to disagree with the description that this is subtle, it is very sweet but it's a grower and I'm glad I gave it a chance. I still miss Coco de Mer though...... May 3, 2014
    why fix it if it isn't broke Simply awful. The previous incarnation, which I bought for me and as gifts for many years, was everyone's favourite. The new one smells like Arabic bordello and is heavily and unpleasantly perfumed, also does not wash well. Please bring back the old product Coco de Mer. May 1, 2014
    Very disappointed I bought this thinking it would be like my all time favourite Coco de mer. It smells very strange, almost unpleasant . I cannot use it .Please bring back the lovely Coco de mer . This was far below Molton Browns usual standard. March 16, 2014
    My new number one favourite Colour matches the decor of my wet room - sad but was the reason for initial choice, now my number one choice love the smell and it lasts and lasts. Lathers up wonderfully all in all FANTASTIC ! March 11, 2014
    Coco & Sandalwood -Read reviews I wish I had read the reviews before I bought it. I love all Molton Brown usually, so thought I would choose a lighter summer fragrance this time. This is weak, and does not leave skin silky . Very inferior for the price. I wasted my money. Love templetree and orange bergamot and pink pepperpod. Take note MB this needs improving February 27, 2014
    The only body wash I will ever need Absolutely beautiful Deep and rich. Musky undertones. February 19, 2014
    Totally different from original "Coco De Mer" I understood I was purchasing a renamed "Coco De Mer" but this product is nothing like the original. Having read all the other complaints about Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash, I cannot understand why a company with the reputation of Molton Brown is not listening to it's paying customers, who are looking at alternatives to the original Coco De Mer Body Lotion / Body Wash. Personally I will be looking elsewhere for a suitable replacement and will not be purchasing any more products, unless of course the old ranges are reintroduced, ie "Ultrasmooth Coco De Mer". February 15, 2014
    Not a fragrance for me Although it would be impossible for a person to love each and every fragrance Molton Brown creates, it pains me greatly to admit an active dislike for Coco & Sandalwood. The scent does not agree with me in the least bit, and has an unfortunate way of lingering on the bath sponge. I wish I could describe what it smells like but words fail me. It's just not pleasant. January 22, 2014
    new formula has no scent now that molton has reformulated the bath and shower washes to just shower washes, it dries your skin out trying to work up a good lather, and the scent is watered down. I would hope they would listen to the customers and scrap this "new" renamed product. Coco is especially bad, cant smell it at all. January 12, 2014
    Disappointed I loved the original Coco De Mer fragrance. While this is not necessarily bad, it is a complete change in fragrance and I do not care for it. I returned the bottles I purchased. November 28, 2013
    What has happened to Coco de Mer I am not sure what has been happening at Molton Brown over the last 18 months but their quality control has taken a nose dive! Another of my favourite products discontinued. The feedback from Molton Brown is very poor. Don't buy this product it is nothing like the original. Molton Brown need to listen to customer feedback if they wish to retain customer loyalty. November 27, 2013
    Usually love the bathing treats So disappointing, the most strong sickly smell, so unusual for molton brown. Had to throw it away! November 17, 2013
    Please bring back coco de mer! Coco de mer shower gel has been an essential in our bathroom, since it was first launched, as we love its clean, soft fragrance. Am so disappointed it has been replaced with something which smells so unpleasant that we cannot use it. Definitely not a Molton Brown product! November 16, 2013
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