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Molton Brown EU   Suma Ginseng Body Wash
Molton Brown EU   Suma Ginseng Body Wash

Suma Ginseng Body Wash

22,00 €

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  • Suma Ginseng Bath & Shower Gel


      An invigorating bath and shower gel blended with ginseng extract for healthy looking skin with geranium oil and cinnamon.

      The notes
      Top note: zesty lemon.
      Heart note: uplifting cinnamon.
      Base note: heady patchouli.


      London via Brazil
      An exotic bird call. A hidden waterfall. Trees soaring into the sky.

      Lively. Peppy. Vibrant.

      Fragrance family: WOODY


      Why you’ll love it
      Let secrets from the jungle invigorate and refresh your skin as this luxurious shower gel lathers up into a deeply aromatic foam for both a refreshing shower and indulgent bath.

      Best for
      If your skin is looking a bit lacklustre, give it a Brazilian boost with this gently spiced shower gel including suma ginseng root juice to help make your skin look more radiant.


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      Delivery Restrictions
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    Product code: KBT032

    Size: 300ml


    Suma Ginseng Body Wash 3.9 5 55 55
    Nice scent but not that original... It is a nice scent, quite balanced, with a little spicy touch, but it is not that original to me. This is the kind of smell one can easily find in hotels, or spas. August 2, 2013
    Poor Imitation of its Former Self This is the second MB product that has significantly reduced in quality since the last time I used it: Weak scent, feeble and watery lather, no scent longevity. This is no better than a cheap supermarket shower gel and marks a further slide in quality from this once great brand. You need to sort this out MB as i am sure I am not the only customer you will lose if this continues. Very poor show indeed. December 29, 2016
    What happened to the original Ginseng body wash? My partner found some old hotel Ginseng Molton Brown wash gel and was delighted with the fragrance and how it made him feel for the rest of the day. Wanting to order some for him, I've tried to find the same on your site and found that now is called Suma Ginseng. Having read the reviews, I visited a shop to actually try the new product to ensure it is what my partner was raving about, but it is nowhere near that original Ginseng body wash was! Such a shame that great products get discontinued Molton Brown. Should have asked your customers first. September 23, 2016
    Where has the scent gone? Something has dramatically changed with the scent! Virtually non existent. Very disappointed after using this product for years. June 22, 2016
    Not as good in new iteration This has been my favourite scented body wash for years, and I always made sure I had a good stash in case it got discontinued. I've just got to the new version, and am very disappointed. The scent is much weaker and the texture is less luxurious. The latter isn't as big a deal, but I miss the depth of scent both in the shower and after, as it fades more quickly than before. All in all, I'm disappointed. I still like the scent, but it is a rather meh shadow of its former self. I think I shall have to defect to another brand, but shall keep an eye on this, in case the formula changes again and I can go back to my old faithful. May 12, 2016
    Lovely scent This is one of my favourite body washes from MB. The scent is divine with a lovely warming, spicy vibe but nice and fresh too. I would say that it's quite an unisex fragrance. My only complaint is that the scent doesn't linger on my skin for as long as I would like it to, but other than that I love it. I also have the body lotion which is equally good. January 15, 2016
    Intoxicating This is the best scent ever! My sexy and sensual scent. The bathroom is scented for some time after I showered. Also, my man loves it!!! December 15, 2015
    Fantastic all around This is my ultimate favorite. Not only do I enjoy the aroma but those close to me seem to as well. The black peppercorn is a close second, but this one is fantastic. Well done MB! September 24, 2015
    Downgrading in pursuit of profit margins is never a good idea I used to absolutely adore this fragrance but since they changed the formulation the smell is so much weaker that there is no longer ANYTHING luxurious about it. I would rather MB had put the price up than ruin my indulgent bath time. June 21, 2015
    The old one was better The original version of this body wash was a lot better. It had a more intense fragrance and lathered up better. The new version is wishy washy and not very viscous. Bring back the original! May 1, 2015
    Forgot how good this one is! When I bought my first body wash from Molton Brown (Cracked Peppercorn) a long time ago, the scent would seem to fill the whole apartment when I got out of the shower. Since then, the blend has been changed and many complain that it just doesn't lather up like it used to or the scent doesn't last as long anymore. Well, THIS one seems to be what I remember experiencing the very first time. Lathers up great, and my wife comments on how good I smell all the time now! She hadn't done that when I got 'the usual' that I normally bought. I'm happy with most of the products MB puts out, great stuff. But this may be my new go to for a while :) April 28, 2015
    Must have! By far my favorite scent in the Molton Brown Family! It makes me happy to smell this daily in my shower! Molton Brown does a fantastic job with their body wash and this is the #1 scent!!! April 8, 2015
    Formulation never a good idea I became hooked on this product from a hotel sample years ago - a long lasting scent. Since the change in formulation - my scent is now ok - what happen to the WOW factor a knockout that would linger for ages - never change the formula if it doesnt need changing. I still have a handful of travel size - Ultra Pure Milk Soap - now that discounted - why? retain your customers with original scents - these would be your continued bestsellers - even as a limited edition. January 31, 2015
    A bit of a disappointment I had tried the earlier incarnation of this product in its travel size, and absolutely loved the fragrance. Off the back of this I recently purchased a couple of bottles. I wish I'd taken a moment to read the reviews first however, as judging by the number of comments here I'm not alone in feeling that the recent reformulation has been an unmitigated disaster. For me the biggest thing I loved was how the fragrance stuck around for a good while after use. With the new formulation, the moment its rinsed its a distant memory which is a crying shame, as its a cracking scent. For me at least the lack of sillage means it no longer justifies the price tag, and I really couldn't recommend it. January 23, 2015
    Fabulous Love it, love it,,always use Milton brown, both my husband and myself..hubbie has black pepper, but I am now a fan of suma ginseng.. Just fabulous. November 18, 2014
    The smell is magnificent but you can't smell it after you wash it off. The smell is magnificent but you can't smell it after you wash it off. This is by far the best scent, but it doesn't even last a second I tell you. November 4, 2014
    New formulation is a pale shadow of the original The previous formula was powerful and invigorating especially when it was cold outside. The new formula lacks the body, complexity and long lasting nature of the old formula. A disappointing change for the worse in my view. October 7, 2014
    New product is so disappointing I have been using invigorating Suma Ginseng for several years and absolutely loved it. Sadly the new product is so disappointing and lacks both the subtlety and balance of it he original product. Why oh why when you have such a fabulous product do you have to change it. I can only assume the Company want to try and improve a product or are looking to cut costs in the production and manufacturing. Please, you are going to lose customers of you continue in this way and a wonderful unique brand will be reduced to just another ok product. A classic case of tinkering when one should leave well enough alone. June 11, 2014
    New Formula Scent Different, Does Not Last, Be Warned New formula is terrible. My man used to rave about this body wash and I could smell it on his skin all day, even when he came home from work! Now the scent evaporates within five minutes. He was a lifelong customer, now he is looking for a new brand... May 9, 2014
    Love it!! This is a wonderful old favourite that I have bought time and again. Sent this one to a friend for her birthday, she loves it too! April 30, 2014
    this is completely different from the previous version I have been using the previous version of invigorating sums ginseng for years and absolutely love it. this new version does not carry the same scent and somewhat carry a strong chemical smell. Nothing close to invigorating! April 27, 2014
    Not what it used to be The body wash used to have a great scent that lasted all day. It is now completely gone within 20 minutes. I'm not sure what happened; this product used to be great. March 20, 2014
    No longer one of my favorites This used to be my favorite MB body wash, but no more. Even in the shower I can barely smell it, and out of the shower the product leaves an almost unpleasant fragrance. This may smell fine to someone who is new to MB products, but for me the product has been ruined. I will be giving away the bottle I have, and will not be purchasing any more of the reformulated product. March 17, 2014
    dont bother purchasing the new formula now that molton has reformulated the bath and shower washes to just shower washes, it dries your skin out trying to work up a good lather, and the scent is watered down. I would hope they would listen to the customers and scrap this "new" renamed product. January 12, 2014
    Suma Ginseng Body Wash An old favorite. My wife could not live without Suma Ginseng December 27, 2013
    great for daughter, great for mother My daughter asked for Suma Ginseng Body Wash for Xmas because it was her absolute favorite must-have. So, I ordered one for me. I use it to wash my body by pouring a bit onto a natural sponge. The resulting luxurious aromatic lather soothes and relaxes me! I feel I have a spa in my humble home! December 14, 2013
    Good but not my favorite As with any Molton Brown product this is a very good quality product. It only takes a little for a rich lather. This is not one of my favorite Molton Brown scents and the scent does not stay with you near as long as most of the Molton Brown scents I have used. December 13, 2013
    The best This is the best shower gel I have ever used. It is my indulgence. I have tried other fragrances which are wonderful, but always go back to suma ginseng. Keep this one going please. October 10, 2013
    must have black pepper fab suama ginseng brilliant also the large blackpepper candle is brilliant all products is a must have May 31, 2013
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