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Molton Brown EU   Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash
Molton Brown EU   Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash

Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash

19,00 €

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  • Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash


      An enriching hand wash blended with patchouli and lime leaf extract- a natural deodoriser.

      The fragrance
      Top note: lime leaf.
      Heart note: cumin.
      Base note: patchouli.


      London via Mexico
      Brightly coloured streets. Lively conversation. A squeeze of zesty lime.

      Vibrant. Sharp. Uplifting.

      Fragrance family: CITRUS


      Why you'll love it
      Originally tested on chefs to confirm its deodorising properties, this deodorising hand wash is ideal for cooks and lovers of refreshing scents.

      Best for
      This hand wash is particularly popular for kitchens and their keen cooks with its zesty aroma.


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      Delivery Restrictions
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    Product code: KBT015

    Size: 300ml


    Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash 3.5 5 39 39
    Loved by the whole family This was bought as part of a duo and I wasn`t sure what to expect before trying. I love the Lime for it`s citrus freshness, the Patchouli gives it the warmth and comfort making it timeless. It looks good in the bathroom because it`s very fresh and unisex, we all enjoy the fragrance as do the visitors who have commented on it. November 1, 2016
    A must Always on my hand basin !would love this as a diffuser. November 20, 2015
    A kitchen sink staple This product is perfect for the kitchen. It's effective at cleaning dirty hands and leaves a lovely subtle and fresh fragrance, that combats the odours of pungent foods. If you're not a fan of Patchouli (like me), you'll find the lime blends perfectly and tones down the Patchouli, turning it into a delightful fragrance. November 19, 2015
    Not one of my favourites Was disappointed with the fragrance..bit of a antiseptic smell to it.....sorry. August 22, 2015
    Must have This is a great overall hand wash. I use it in the kitchen because its really good at getting dirt off my hands. It leaves a nice, pleasant scent that I can enjoy all year. I use the hand lotion after to keep my hands moisturized. I always have this on hand. Highly recommended. June 11, 2015
    A Disappointment Two of my favourite fragrances are Caju & Lime, and Patchouli & Saffron. I had thought that I would definitely like Lime & Patchouli as a combination of the two, but I was disappointed to find that it was very different. It is strongly reminiscent of disinfectant and, whilst this is perfectly appropriate for a hand wash, it is really not for me, and not what I was looking for. I think it would be really helpful if it was possible to buy small quantities of each new fragrance or type of product as a "tester". May 30, 2015
    Molton Brown have downgraded I have noticed that MB products are not the same as they used to be and this product is the icing on the cake for me. It does not smell nice at all, unlike all previous products. Worst of all, it leaves my hands feeling dry - and my partner noticed the same thing, We will be switching brands after this experience, really disappointed in how they have downgraded on quality yet left prices the same. Branding and names are also worse in my opinion, but overall if a premium hand wash leaves your hands dry it is a fundamental issue. March 27, 2015
    Wonderful smell This is a new hand wash for me and the smell is wonderful. Only disappointment is the pump which is dispensing it much faster than my last hand wash. I am using it up too fast and get more soap than I need each time. March 15, 2015
    Prefered Thai Vert I stocked up on Thai Vert when I knew it was changing as I suspected that a formulation change may be involved. The smell is not the same and I would like the Thai Vert formulation back. Have you changed supplier of ingredients or the ingredients? January 24, 2015
    Lovely fresh fragrance Really love this fragrance, nice and fresh and clean smelling. The hand wash itself is usual Molton Brown luxury, only small amount needed for maximum smell and cleansing. 300ml bottle lasts for months. November 24, 2014
    Hits the spot! Top notch. This is a perfect balance of function and luxury. The scent is wonderful. I've purchased this soap before and it is likely to become my favorite kitchen hand soap. November 6, 2014
    Please bring back Thai Vert I am so disappointed with this replacement for Thai Vert. On first sight I was sad to see the packaging was much less classy and would no longer look so nice in the very expensive glass arc I purchased from Molton Brown several years ago. I finally gave in I bought the new version it and decanted it into an empty bottle only to find that the actual handwash is inferior to the original. Given that I will have to go through the messy process of transferring it into an old bottle with each purchase I have decided to buy a cheaper brand. October 30, 2014
    Smells great! This was my first time ordering this scent and I really like it. August 8, 2014
    Bring back Thai Vert This "Lime & Patchouli" is a very poor imitation of Thai Vert. It lacks any of the original "zest" and is too bland. More than a name change, a very poor replacement product and as a repeat purchaser of Thai Vert I will not be buying this product again!! July 11, 2014
    Where's the patchouli ? I'm a patchouli lover so I hoped that a hand wash with it would leave a subtle trace of patchouli on my hands or at least while I'm washing. This has not been my experience with this Molton Brown product. It's got lime in there as the name implies but patchouli is virtually odorless. This was a disappointment. July 1, 2014
    What have you done!!!!! Bring back lovely Thai Vert (repeated 1m times) ... June 23, 2014
    Name change what a shame! really disappointed with the name changes, Thai Vert and Rose Granati etc lifted you above the other brands that use the ingredients as the name. It made your products memorable and more special, so disappointed that you have changed June 5, 2014
    Bring back Thai Vert I don't know how many bad reviews it will take for Molton Brown to return to the old formulations but here's my review for what it's worth. Poor imitation of the original, very weak scent and no better than a supermarket brand now. Used to repeat purchase this but I am sad to say that you have lost a loyal customer in me. May 9, 2014
    Loved the old Thai Vert What a disappointment. I finally decide to order my favorite hand wash after using at a friends house for years. And now…its not at all the same rich smell as it was. Won't be ordering again. May 6, 2014
    Preferred Thai Vert I have been buying Thai Vert for years and loved the subtle, fresh scent. I do not like the heaviness of its replacement and will not order anymore. I wish that Thai Vert was still available! May 6, 2014
    Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash This product is my favourite and why because the fragrance is just out of this world. I wish you would do a body wash in this fragrance. This would be good for spring/summer. Fantastic smell! March 7, 2014
    Thai Vert was my faviourite but not this new version I am so disappointed. The old name Thai Vert sounded so much better. I have been using the handwash for years. I won't be re-ordering this product from now on. Why change the name and look when there was nothing wrong with how they were before? February 3, 2014
    Favourite hand wash I have used this hand wash and lotion for years now ,it's so fresh . I always get good comments from visitors December 23, 2013
    A move in the wrong direction Not a patch(sorry about the pun!) on Thai Vert. Can't help wondering why you have changed it??? November 28, 2013
    heaven in a bottle First discovered this when visiting my sister who had a bottle in her bathroom and was knocked back by the wonderful smell left on my hands after using it. Just had to get some for our home. November 25, 2013
    Addictive Fragrance I simply adore this fragrance and would use it constantly if it wasn't so expensive. Every time I wash my hands I feel very indulged. I found the nozel squirts the product a little out of control at times. You are not quite sure where to put your hands to catch it. November 15, 2013
    Not that characteristic any more Lime and Patchouli is replacing Thai Vert and whilst I appreciate the new fragrance, I am still missing the TV's aromatic fragrance. Perhaps this product will appeal to those who thought the older Molton Brown handwashes had a scent a tad too loud. November 15, 2013
    Give us back Thai Vert! Why change the name and appearance??! I too am really disappointed. The name Thai Vert gives such a great image and the colouring gave a refreshing zesty feeling. I dont want to re-order this product now :-( have been using the handwash for years. Was my husband's favourite but even he doesnt like the new look. September 26, 2013
    Disappointed at changes Disappointed at the new name and colour. I think 'Thai Vert' sounds much more exotic and classy and, similarly, the brighter colour makes it look cheaper. Even the new design of the bottle (ie new writing font) looks cheaper than the old - I decanted it into my old bottle. Still love the product though. September 15, 2013
    Never leave home without it It was my first introduction to Molton Brown products at a rather difficult period of life. Somehow the fragrance helped transport me to another place & time. So it will always a favourite of mine. June 21, 2013
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