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Molton Brown EU   Rockrose & Pine Hand Wash
Molton Brown EU   Rockrose & Pine Hand Wash

Rockrose & Pine Hand Wash

19,00 €

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  • Rock Rose & Pine Hand Wash


      A moisturising hand wash blended with woody Siberian pine oil and red thyme.

      The fragrance
      Top note: litsea cubeda (aka mountain pepper).
      Heart note: amber essence and pine oil.
      Base note: gaiac wood.
      Extract: sunflower.


      London via Siberia
      The softness of cashmere. A cocoon of warmth. A log cabin hidden in the snow.

      Warm. Golden. Comforting.

      Fragrance family: WOODY


      Why you'll love it
      Ideal for the winter months (or just those who prefer comforting rather than zesty scents) this gentle hand wash leaves your hands wrapped in warm, woody aromas.


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      Delivery Restrictions
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    Product code: KBT001

    Size: 300ml


    Rockrose & Pine Hand Wash 4.4 5 36 36
    Wonderful scent, wonderful product Have been avid fans of the (former Naranji) Orange and Bergamot hand wash, but by accident stumbled on a bottle of Rockrose and Pine hand wash and loved it. It leaves a delicate woody but feminine scent on the hands and is our new favorite. Do not understand why we did not try it earlier! Now the problem becomes which bottle to place where, as everyone loves both the scents! Well done MB for the removal of the parabens from your products, and we will remain fans for a long time to come. May 29, 2014
    Treat yourself! Love, love, love this fragrance! Washing my hands is a luxurious treat for the senses! July 10, 2012
    Great autumn/winter scent and perhaps an alternative to Christmas scents? Love this fragrance, and certainly in my top 10. Has a woodsy, log cabin kind of fragrance to it which really warms you up. Sounds silly, but even if you washed your hands in cold water with this, they would still feel warmer! Possibly too masculine for some, so have knocked one star off as doesn't have that 100% appeal, but certainly great if you have men at home, as nothing girly girly about this one. This is great if you want a warming fragrance for Christmas without going down the festive sparkly route! October 26, 2016
    My absolute favourite MB scent! I have purchased this hand wash and the cream since it launched as I am truly in love with the smell! In fact I have written to Customer Services asking them to include rockrose and pine in their home scents range. Get so many comments about this when people visit, people rubbing their hands and smelling them saying 'ooh isn't that a gorgeous smell". Other than the gorgeous, rich floral/woody scent though it is a great hand wash and the matching cream is lovely and creamy. August 4, 2016
    hand wash this hand wash is so lovely your hands feel so clean after you have used it also they smell lovely November 21, 2015
    Ultimate Handwash I absolutely love this hand wash fragrance- it's not like many other fragrances, a bit unusual. Everyone who visits my house and uses it comments on it. Please can you do a room fragrance too! November 14, 2015
    Perfect Wonderful scent, luxury handwash, I am spoilt for choice to pick a favourite of the handwashes I have purchased. well worth the cost in my opinion October 24, 2015
    the lovely smell This is my husbands favourite hand wash, it looks great in the bathroom August 6, 2015
    Family favourite. This is our favourite hand wash, the smell is fantastic! I would be very happy if I could buy a room scenter in the rockrose and pine perfume. July 21, 2015
    Great Hand Wash It's only a soap right? Just a hand wash? Well true, but not all hand washes are made equally. This hand wash is made without parabens which is a bonus for me. There's conflicting reports and reviews on the use of parabens in products, and parabens are so widespread with no conclusive real evidence on the affects on health however if something such as parabens can be substituted for "safer, more environmentally sound" preservative alternatives, why not use them!? The product comes in a 300ml pump action bottle and each pump of liquid dispensed may appear to be on the small side, however you don't need a lot of this hand wash (the same as most Molton Brown products - a little goes a long way). For me one pump's worth of hand wash is enough to clean my man hands - a 300ml bottle will last a long time. The soap is of a thin to medium thickness and rubs well into the hands and lathers up well. If you've just come in from outside, or been doing a dirty task on washing of the hands you can see the dirt lifting to leave the hands nice and clean and smelling great. The smell to me is a warm woody fragrance, which suits my personality and decor well. It's not out of place as a refreshing scent in the morning and relaxing one in the evening.The scent is very unique to Molton Brown and not run of the mill, so if you like something a bit more individual and different, give this hand wash a try. May 12, 2015
    Fragrance too earthy Excellent quality product but the fragrance is too earthy for my liking, thought it would smell more of pine. Will not be ordering this again. March 1, 2015
    Very good I may or may not buy this again. It's good to very good, but not GREAT. As a soap connoisseur, I prize the total experience very highly especially when the item is a premium price. November 6, 2014
    Love I had not tried this scent before, it is fresh with a warm undertone, very unisex and has a lasting clean scent. October 30, 2014
    Love Amber Cocoon - why stop all previous products? Over the years I've been a MB customer (from first using AB+C in the BA Lounge) I've always loved Amber Cocoon. Way back then you had the following products in this fragrance: Candles (Small 1 wick and large 3 wick & Candellas with Silver holders - I still have a small number of these which I can't bear to light and lose). Air Fragrance (I still have 4 bottles of this and use sparingly) Then you stopped all the products and just did Amber Cocoon at Christmas and now you have it as standard products but stopped producing all the lovely variants - PLEASE DO AMBER COCOON / ROCKROSE & PINE as a candle at least if not even more products - LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE! October 10, 2014
    A little luxury every day Tried a sample of this and really liked the overall performance ie. the soft silky texture and the perfume. A little goes a long way! June 25, 2014
    must have amber cacoon is my fave molton brown product, to me its christmas in a bottle,it smells of pine trees and ginger wine. its my must have. June 4, 2014
    Love It! Just love this product, it smells good and you only have to use a very small amount as it foams so well. May 28, 2014
    Awful Product Amber Cocoon was simply Wonderful. This new reinvented fragrance (rockrose) is absolutely awful!! I was under the impression that coco & sandalwood had been added to the fragrance but it does not work as there is an awful after smell. I am very disappointed as I loved Amber Cocoon and used it in the shower and the smell it left ion the skin was Divine! Bad Decision MB! January 14, 2014
    Part of my daily regiment! This product without a doubt is my very favorite! I do like other products that you carry but I always seem to gravitate back to Rockrose and Pine hand soap formally Amber Cocoon! January 2, 2014
    Very disappointed This does not smell anything like Amber Cocoon, it now seems like some cheap imitation. If MB does not allow me to return this I will end up disposing of it or donating to charity. December 11, 2013
    Changed the name and ruined the product This was my favourite hand wash that Molton Brown have ever made. As Amber Cocoon I used to stockpile it for the year ahead when it was only an Xmas product, glad they made it a permanent addition to the range. However change of name and drastic change of fragrance. This is now awful and nothing like what it used to be. Please bring back the original Amber Cocoon as I wouldn't buy this one again. November 18, 2013
    Bring back Amber Cocoon! I understand Rockrose and Pine Handwash is a replacement of Amber cocoon. The scent is not enveloping like AC used to. This version smells like a cheaper knock off. Please bring back Amber cocoon... November 15, 2013
    Can't be without it! This is the most heavenly smelling soap I have ever used as well as the most luxurious. I can't allow us to run out because normal soap just doesn't cut it anymore! Totally recommend it to anyone who loves their hands to smell amazing for ages after they wash them! August 20, 2013
    gorgeous gorgeous, everyday everyday luxury My husband and I both just absolutely love this product. It smells glorious, uplifting, clean and soothing all at the same time. So it!s energizing in the morning and relaxing in the evening - what more could you ask for in something you use throughout the day? The colour is beautiful too it almost glows, especially in sunlight. June 30, 2013
    Fab Smell I ordered this for our office ladies room. Most love the smell it leaves on your hands. The pump however is a different matter. It gets stuck down and has to be pulled up for the next person. We have been buying Moulton Brown for a long time and this is the first time it has happened. Hopefully, it wont happen again. June 11, 2013
    Lives by the sink all the time I absolutely adore this hand wash. It smells incredible - I wish they would make more products with the scent (shower gel, hint, hint). It leaves my hands soft and pleasantly scented. Best liquid hand soap around. May 22, 2013
    This fragrance may just convert me from my much loved Naranji A beautiful frangrance extremely classy. Good for both male and female as its not too flowery....an absolute gem and I will be buying it again... May 16, 2013
    fab This hand wash is just wonderful. The smell is gorgeous and lasts! Deserves the 5 stars! April 1, 2013
    My little treat First time I have had this. Lovely fragrance and luxurious February 28, 2013
    Bathroom staple Tried this when it first came out as special edition and was very glad when it became a stock item. Almost always have bottle by the washbasin. February 28, 2013
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