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Molton Brown EU   Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick Candle
Molton Brown EU   Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick CandleMolton Brown EU   Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick Candle

Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick Candle

49,00 €

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  • Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick Scented Candle


      A single wick scented candle with top notes of birch oil and cedarwood, Heart notes of cade oil and Black Leather Accord and a base of tar accord, amber and warm woods.

      The fragrance
      Top notes: birch oil and cedarwood.
      Heart notes: cade oil and black leather accord.
      Base notes: tar accord, amber and warm woods.

      Formerly known as Firefly Embers.


      London via Russia 
      Unexplored terrains and puzzling scents. This single-wick scented candle has a unique, contemporary aroma evoking campfires and aged leather.

      Fragrance family: WOODY


      Why you'll love it
      Blended with the finest ingredients in England, our expertly crafted candles add an elegant touch and an inviting warm glow to every room.

      Ignite the twilight with our Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick Candle. This enigmatic scent is composed of dark, provocative notes that incite moments of intrigue and enduring imagination.

      Best for
      Create a warm and inviting environment in your home. Trim the wick to approximately 5mm to avoid an enlarged flame and sooting, and to maximise the burn time of your Molton Brown scented wax candle.

      To achieve the best results of your Molton Brown scented candle, it is recommended to place in a central part of the room for the perfume to evenly distribute throughout the space.

      Additionally, keep the candle burning for a minimum of one hour to enjoy the full complexity of the fragrance and to keep the wax pool even.


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      Europe zone 1 (2 working days) - 9.95€
      Europe zone 2 (3 working days) - 14.95€
      Europe zone 3 (3 working days) - 24.95€
      Europe zone 4 (3 working days) - 39.95€

      Note: certain destinations may take a little longer.

      Delivery Restrictions
      No delivery/shipping restrictions apply to this product


    Product code: CAN133

    Size: H: 8.5 x D: 8.5 cm. Wax fill: 180g


    Black Leather Accord & Cade Single Wick Candle 1.9 5 10 10
    Very disappointing purchase Like the other reviewers I am very disappointed in this candle. I was burning it last night and after burning for a time it started belching smoke!!! Not good quality and think I will be taking this candle back even though I have no packaging etc. June 16, 2015
    What have you done?! This used to be my favourite candle when it was once firefly embers. A strong enchanting fragrance which filled the room with beautiful unique scent and well worth the money. So what have you done to it?! Recently bought it under its new name and was mortified. So disappointed, The scent was weak and smells nowhere near as nice as before. The wax and burn was inconsistent and the fragrance of poor quality. I used to buy this candle regularly and now I wouldn't touch it with a 10ft barge pole. Why change something that didn't not need to be changed? If it ain't broke.. Don't fix it. Bring back the original firefly embers please and none of this cheap, inferior rubbish. June 11, 2015
    When rebranding goes wrong I'm clearly not alone in decrying MB's decision to rebrand what had been a wonderful product ( the fire fly embers candle) and downgrade it to something altogether inferior in smell and burn quality. Even though the candles were expensive I was happy to pay for the prior product since it created such a wonderful atmosphere. Sorry but I won't be buying again. April 6, 2015
    Will always look back... Life is linear- and Molton Brown have reminded me how frustrating that can be. Once, this candle was amazing (when Firefly Embers). Now, the smell is weaker, less enchanting and nothing I couldn't get from cheaper stockists. The wax is certainly poorer in quality too, it often extinguishes itself mid-burn. Very disappointed, and will never be the same again :-( December 28, 2014
    Molten Brown , WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? As the title says, what on earth have you done? This former fabulous fraganced candle is now a shadow of it's former self. What used to fill our home with an amazing - powerfull ,deep amd smoky scent has been replaced with a lesser, pale imitation. Molton Brow, I urge you to rethink........ December 18, 2014
    Really disappointed Sad to say, the Firefly Embers candles I purchased recently (usually buy a small stock) did not smell as strong as the first time I ever bought one (and fell in love with the fragrance). In addition, I cannot understand why MB have renamed this magnificent candle and, judging by other reviewer's comments, produced something not as good as the original. Firefly Embers was rated one of the 10 best scented candles by The Independent newspaper. It simply doesn't make sense to fiddle with it or change it and, more importantly, I am sad that the last one I have in stock will be my last forever. Gutted. Please BM, bring back the original Firefly Embers. November 29, 2014
    Oh no..... Such a shame. This used to fill my room with its wonderful scent and then they changed the title and formula.......... November 23, 2014
    Excellent gift. How lovely to be able to purchase a candle which is so masculine. It makes the ideal gift for male relatives and friends, but the fragrance is appreciated by ladies too. Thank you. November 16, 2014
    If it's not broke don't fix it!!! MB why are you messing around with products when there's nothing wrong with them in the first place??? This used to be my favourite MB candle, the scent, the black glass and the mood it created all added to the overall effectiveness of it. Now, I think it smells different because it looks different, the blue glass no longer fits with my interior colour scheme, when it's lit, and I'm sure it's not as strong a scent as it used to be. The wax is also visibly different so something has changed, please don't deny it! Please stop changing things to try and re-new them, your products are timeless and consistent and do not need re marketing for the sake of it. November 9, 2014
    I used to love this. This scent used to be my favourite and was previously called Firefly Embers. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the new and repackaged version smells different, it is more cloying and unpleasant with the leather smell taking more of a president than the smokiness of the previous version. Dare I say, it smells 'cheaper.' I'm really dissapointed as I used to love Molton Brown products before things seem to have been altered. October 17, 2014
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