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Floral & Fruity Christmas Cracker

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  • Floral & Fruity Christmas Cracker



      A delectable surprise of four tantalising bath and shower gels, veiled with floral and fruity notes in our most tempting fragrances.

      4 x 50ml
      Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel
      Suede Orris Bath & Shower Gel
      Heavenly Gingerlily Bath & Shower Gel
      Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Bath & Shower Gel

      Paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan*
      *No ingredient of animal origin


      London via The Festivities
      Delicately bound within a decadent foiled cracker, explore four bathing fragrances, suffused with an exquisite floral and fruity fragrance story. Put a memorable finish to their harmonious festive table settings or add to their stocking – a beguiling surprise.

      Sensuous. Alluring. Fizzy.


      Why you'll love it
      Ethereal, deliciously tempting fragrances are thoughtfully curated and nestled in a Christmas cracker for a festive treat.

      Best for
      A treasured gift for the season; for a memorable finish to their festive table setting or stocking.


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    Product code: MBC906

    Size: 4 x 50ml