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London via Assam

Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold

Behind the blendVia Assam

Melt away with a heady bouquet and infuse your bathroom with the aromas of an ancient, mysterious woodland.

Molton Brown Oudh Accord and Gold Products Molton Brown Oudh Accord and Gold Products

A canopy of evergreens sloped along the mountain. Rare resinous heartwood, dense and dark. Honey-gold sun prisms in a downpour of warm rain. Explore the steamy depths of a spiced forest.

Precious. Heady. Mesmerising.

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Map of North India Map of North India

The richest source of Oudh

Although oudh is most associated with the Middle East, this precious ingredient originated from Asia.

To remain true to oudh's birthplace, we've sourced our oudh accord from Assam, a North Indian region that's home to one of the richest areas of wild oudh or agarwood trees.

a spiritual journey

Oudh has been used for centuries not just as a fragrance, but also as a spiritual rite mentioned in the sacred Hindu text Vedas.

Burnt as incense thanks to its deep, powerful essence, it was believed that the fragrant smoke would carry prayers to the Creator.

Picture of Oudh Accord

Bathe in liquid gold

Due to its rarity, high demand, and difficulty of harvesting, oudh oil is often the most expensive oil in the world.

Valued at approximately 1.5 times the value of gold oudh has become known as ‘liquid gold’.

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