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Jasmine & Sun Rose

Behind The Fragrance

Pretty Bold


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The Fragrance

Youthful blushes of raspberry and peach contrast with the floral brushstrokes of bewitching jasmine and osmanthus. Labdanum and musk in the background create a smooth canvas.

Virginie Daniau, Fragrance Expert

Top Notes Raspberry, bergamot & peach

Heart Notes Jasmine, osmanthus & rose

Base Notes Sun rose, patchouli & musk


A Work of


Meet The Artist:

Rhea Thierstein

Our chypre fragrance is a delicate yet powerful scent that boldly celebrates fearless femininity. Meet internationally renowned British artist Rhea Thierstein, evoking the soul of this fragrance in her own piece of moving art.

How does the Jasmine & Sun Rose fragrance translate itself in your piece?

“It’s multifaceted. You can see all the elements in the piece – which you get in the fragrance too. Both are very feminine, modern and playful."

What advice would you give to female creatives?

“Be true to yourself and be strong- it’s important to have your own creative style. It’s a very long journey so keep going, and remember that.”

What does Pretty Bold mean to you?

"It’s kick-arse – strong but feminine. Quite out there and inspiring."

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London via

The Nile Delta

An Egyptian landscape captured in late summer’s blushing dusk. Royal jasmine blooms, painted as tiny stars in a sea of fields. Faraway rose sands rise and fall like dynasties with a single brushstroke. Beguile your senses with a deltaic masterpiece.

The Collection

The new Jasmine & Sun Rose fragrance is a symphonic collection of floral and fruity notes featuring a Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Bathing Oil and an Eau de Toilette in 50ml and 100ml sizes.

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