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Fiery Pink Pepper

Behind The Fragrance



A humid dusk. Sweet aromas in the air. Spices ground between pestle and mortar.

Sultry. Humid. Spicy.

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The Fragrance

Fiery Pink Pepper is fresh and voluptuous, emphasizing spicy ginger and floral accords at the heart of the fragrance. Tangerine, elemi and flamboyant jasmine in the middle adds to warm musk, melting with rich patchouli and oakmoss.

Carla Chabert, Master Perfumer

Top Notes pink pepper, tangerine and elemi oil.

Heart Notes nutmeg and ginger oil.

Base Notes patchouli and cedarwood oil.


The Inspiration

At the north easternmost part of the tropical Atlantic Ocean lies The Gulf of Guinea - home to the warm climes and rich plant life that inspired our Fiery Pink Pepper Collection. Pink peppercorns have a storied history across the Southern Hemisphere; once used in the brewing of chicha de molle, a traditional beer drunk by the ancient Amazon forest-based Wari civilization. The bold and sultry fragrance lulls you in with her sweetness and keeps you wanting more with a spicy kick.

The Faux Pepper

This brightly-hued jewel adds vibrancy to rich notes and weaves beautifully with citrus ingredients. Its piquant edge has made it an interesting element in cooking and perfumery since the fifth century.

Did You Know?

The pink peppercorn is a false peppercorn - it is in fact a small dried berry from the evergreen Schinus molle tree.

Loved By You

Simply Amazing
It is so unusual - peppery and warm and yet still perfect on a summer's day... Absolutely love it.
Customer Review
Dazzling Scent
...fills my home with a beautiful aroma, by far my all-time favourite so it's a real winner with me!
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Fiery Pink Pepper

The Collection

Blending pink pepper with ginger and patchouli, our award-winning Fiery Pink Pepper Collection features a hand wash, hand lotion and cream with an eau de toilette, body wash, lotion and polisher as well as a room spray, aroma reeds and scented candles for the home.

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