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A Luxury at-home haircare regime


5 Steps to Luminous Locks


Enriched with nourishing plant and mineral extracts, elevate your haircare routine in five simple steps with our targeted shampoos and conditioners.

Daily Shampoo With Black Tea Extract

Target the Problem

Begin by identifying your hair type; to do this, examine a single strand of hair.

Fine hair refers to hair that can barely be seen or felt between the fingertips, while thick hair appears textured to the naked eye. If your hair is something in between, then you have normal hair.

Next, turn your attention to what your hair needs.

Does it crave hydration? Is it prone to greasiness? Do you experience product build-up or live in a polluted city? Our fragrant formulas are especially crafted to suit each hair type. Daily Shampoo With Black Tea Extract is suitable for all hair types, blended especially to remove excess oils and build-up, leaving your hair nourished and scalp refreshed.

Thickening Shampoo With Ginger Extract

Start with Shampoo

Cleansing your hair of everyday impurities might sound like the key to healthy hair, but over-washing can do more harm than good, stripping away the natural proteins and oils on your scalp.

Especially blended for fine hair, Thickening Shampoo With Ginger Extract thoroughly revitalises hair and leaves it looking and feeling volumised, while Purifying Shampoo With Indian Cress contains cleansing extracts to target greasy hair.

Glossing Shampoo With Plum-kadu and Glossing Conditioner With Plum-kadu

On One Condition(er)

Each of our shampoos features a coordinating conditioner. Unveil your hair’s natural luminescence with Glossing Conditioner With Plum-kadu, crafted with detoxifying fruit extracts to replenish hair with a radiant finish.

Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to avoid product build-up in the roots or, alternatively, switch up your regime and try co-washing: using conditioner before shampoo.

Suede Orris Hair Mist

A Fragrant Trail

With your hair cleansed and beautifully conditioned, continue the ritual with Suede Orris Hair Mist. A longstanding beautifying gesture, Ancient Egyptians would blend plant resins to create a wearable wax ‘hat’, imparting aromas throughout the day.

Exclusively formulated to be kinder to hair without drying it out, our hair mist leaves tresses delicately fragranced with Tuscan orris and rose absolute for a lasting impression.

Purifying Shampoo and Purifying Conditioner

Tips & Techniques

Lastly, the key is in the technique. To ensure your hair remains in tip-top condition, limit washing to three times a week and be sure to rinse shampoo out with cool water – this will stimulate the blood flow to your scalp.

Towel-dry your hair after washing and before applying conditioner; wet hair won’t effectively absorb product. Then keep hair warm whilst the formula gets to work, and rinse out with cool water.