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Bring Spring Scents into Your Home

Spring is the season of fresh starts. Days become warmer, the air fills with a medley of earthy and crisp scents, and we are full of hope for the sunny times ahead. Refresh your fragrance wardrobe to bring the uplifting aroma of well-being into your home.

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Which scent?

Spring brings an abundance of floral, citrus and fruit-filled notes. From Yorkshire’s rhubarbs to Seville’s oranges - explore our fragrance families and find the one to enhance your home’s character.

Add burst of scent

1 Add a burst of scent

For an instant burst of scent, try our home and linen mists. Throw open the shutters to let the fresh spring air and the first rays of sunshine in, and liven up the atmosphere with a sweet or energising aroma. Spritz the air and your linen with Orange & Bergamot for a seasonal reboot.

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2 Layer fragrances

Fragrancing a space is a process of layering. Complement your home and linen mist with an elegant scented candle. Candles not only diffuse a beautiful aroma, but they're also a sophisticated finish to the stylish home.

Scented with a floral bouquet of lily of the valley, magnolia and a twist of star anise, Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Candles veil the home with the delicate aromas of spring.

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Layer fragrances
Spring baking

3 Spring dessert parlour

There is something special and nostalgic about spring desserts. They fill the room with temptingly sweet aromas reminiscent of our childhood. Add rhubarb and zesty fruits into the mix to infuse the air with a delightfully welcoming scent.

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4 Say it with Flowers

We can't think of a better way to bring spring into your home than a fresh bouquet. Daffodils, hyacynths, lilacs; use their blooms to make a beautiful arrangement that will envelop the space in ethereal aromas. Or spend your Sunday morning at a flower market picking blossoms to fill your vases.

How to make your own bouquet Layer fragrances
Layer fragrances
Finishing Touches

5 Finishing Touches

Place an aroma reed diffuser in the room for a constant flow of fragrance. Our first choice for spring is Orange & Bergamot. Blended with a delicate heart of Neroli with zesty notes of bergamot and Sevillian orange.

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